Need a Writing Partner to write a story ASAP

Hello. I’m looking for help. I need someone who is able to help me out making my story. I know a lot on how to code but terrible at writing scripts and so I need someone who’s willing to help me. It’s a bit of an advanced plot and you need to have good spelling and grammar. I actually do know how to write a script but I need someone who can make it more advanced and add choices (which some of them impact the story).

You can also have creative control over the plot which means if there’s something you don’t like, we can change it up to make it more interesting. There are guidelines as well to help.

Please don’t ignore this post, I really need the help urgently.


I think you’d better go to an online service. Now there are many different services that offer services from proofreading to full criticism and include checking for typos and grammatical errors. :wink:

Try giving a synopsis of what you’re writing too, as it might help people decide if it’s something they’re willing to do x

well, its kind of like a fantasy and romance story

when do u need the story out?..means…when u want to publish it??..
and If its oky…with the non english people??..(eng. isnt my first lang. tho)

I can always help proofread and create your story with you if that’s what you’re looking for. If you’re good at coding, we’d be a great team because my level of coding is super basic but I have a lot of ideas for stories that I just don’t have time to code or really sit down and learn because I work a lot and am in school. If you’re interested, message me on instagram or PM me here! I just made my instagram and currently working on my first story, so maybe we can help each other.
Instagram: @ellenajcreates

Hi, I’m new to the community, but I’ happy to to help in any way I can. I can do basic directing (opening scenes, spot, etc) and I speak English and Spanish and am currently taking French. I can even make outfits and characters! Email me if you’d like my help.

i can help u

Me too look a partner