Need a writing partner who is really good at coding and stuff

I have hundreds of story ideas on my mind 24/7 so I can give you one prompt if you want but you have to give me credit
I’ll tell you about my current story prompt and the one I’m planning to write next and if you like it you can help me with coding and dialogue
Or I’ll just write the story I’m currently working on myself and make a new duet story together
My Instagram is @sarah.m8160 PM me there if you don’t want to talk here
We can mix and match our ideas and I assure you the ideas I’m having are pretty unique not trying brag
I really want to make a story with someone else together cause then the story will be really good and two people is better than one…i guess…lol
Thank you and hope you’ll consider this!!

I’d love to help and I’m searching for a writing partner myself… When can we start???

Sorry for the late reply and we can start anytime
We can contact through Instagram if you have an account
It might be a bit difficult due to the time zones but we’ll plan out something

I see you do have an Instagram and I gave you a follow