Need A Writing Partner ♥

Hiya Guys!! Call me Fluffy for the time being.

I’m new to episode forums but, not to episode. I’ve been a writer for over a year now and have started to get the hang of it. Yet, I’d be very interested in finding myself a writing partner! That way I can get episodes out more often and I often procrastinate due to writer’s block, but if you think help, please do! I wouldn’t mind collaborating with you more in the future so let me know! Also, I’m creating an instagram for this episode account as well to give out sneak peeks and updates, so you will be able to post there as well! Please, tell me if you’re interested.

You will NEED gmail to get added to the doc.
Snapchat is for the group chat.

If you don’t have either of those, we will work something out. ^^

Message me on my snapchat, or gmail.
Snapchat ~ SaliaBae :heart:
Gmail ~
Your’s truly
~ Fluffy


I could help but I have school so only when I’m homework free. (and i’m energised)

i’d love to, even though I’m a newbie and you probably wouldn’t want me

I’m intrested I’m also a newbie but add3d you on Snapchat anyway

I’m looking for someone to write a story with, are you still looking

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