Need a writting partner

hello so my name is Jordan. i am 13 years old this is her sister.And i kind need a writing partner asap because i am making a story called unnatural twins, and i could really use some help. i need this story half way down by aug if anyone is free or is willing to help that would be amazing please tell me before aug 3

i need someone who is experienced.

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I can code.

I’m an advanced coder I would love to help

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Thx so much

I can help you if you want

Well thx I could really use to people to help me out im very new to this so would you mind telling me how I can show you my story

Well I thought iT could go threw a link but when i tried that WITH my friends they didn’t get my story so if you have an iPhone you can over film it with your phone y know? Like a screen shot but then a video

My Instagram is episode.irispeeters I react faster on there