Need abs overlay

Can someone put abs on my character? Plz help

Abs are something you customise on the character there is no need for an overlay. :woman_shrugging:

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Oooooo is there any way you could help? I have a custom pose that I’m making and it needs abs…

Like I need more realistic abs lol

Oh, well I was talking about this.

If you want them changed up from what episode offer then I reccommend going and finding a custom pose shop.

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Oh I see, I’m writing in ink, so it might be different. Thanks for replying tho

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Abs are only in limelight I think :thinking:

Yeah, the athletic body had major bugs and then they decided to create LL because INK had so many problems. But artists/editors could make it for their custom pose.

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Yup but I am looking for someone to draw something like this on my custom pose…

For sure

I can help you if you want