Need Advanced Directing Partner

So…I’m a bit busy in my real life and don’t have enough time to sit through and do the advanced directing, So I would appreciate it if someone could help :sweat_smile:

I only really need someone do zooms and speech bubbles, thats all.

In return I am willing to help you with something you need. I can help Co-write, Make Art for, and Proof read a story of yours. (Only one, Take your pick)

I can help!

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Hey if still need an advanced coder PM me I’d love to help ! :innocent:

I can help you do speech bubbles! I’m really good at it. But I can usually work on the weekends!

I good with zooms and moving overlays. Ill help you with that if you could make a front cover for my story. @xSundayCoffeex

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Sure. Do you have any examples of what you’ve done before?