Need advice and possible talented people

Hi everyone, so I am a newbie at this and after several attempts at writing an episode I have finally settled on one where I am pretty excited about however because I am a novice I need experienced people to help out a nice Aussie girl.

Ok so my story is about love…aww I know! Anyway it is a love matching story where a company do what it takes to help someone in love, It has your dating planner, your fashion consultant, Personal Trainer and Life Coach. you attend Single nights that are like Speed Dating, other little events and attend the big one which is the Valentine’s Day Ball (not long to go until Valentine’s Day so its only fitting).

So you ask where do we come in, well I need ideas on directing, etc, art stuff that is red, maybe art that has the word Cupid in it, things like that.

Sorry that its a long message but hopefully someone out there has the time to read it and get back to me

Thanks lovelies

If you even need anything you can message me! I’m a small author but I still have good ideas and I do art edits and background myself if you need something🙃

Hi Katie! I know you’ve been offered help already but if you need anything else you can let me know and I’ll be happy to help with any art or advice! :grin:

Always happy for help, we all have different ideas so happy to accept all.

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I forgot to add Its LL, I’m sure that would of been a major bit of info to add at the beginning

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