Need Advice For My First Story Please!

Hi guys,

I’m new to Episode and I’m really eager to get into writing. I am currently planning my first story but to be honest I’m not sure where to start.

I personally used to write on DeviantArt, but I got extremely down about it as no matter what type of content I wrote I wouldn’t get any reads. I decided that maybe DeviantArt wasn’t the community for me and I decided to try coming to Episode not just as a fan but as a writer! I’m scared that will happen here too though so I really want to step off on the right way.

I want to do a romance story and I’d like to write an interactive one.

When reading a story, what types of things attract you to it and how many lines would you say is a decent amount of time for an episode?

I’m happy to give anyone who gives me advice a shoutout on my instragram (bissieflame.episode) and follow you back if you have social media yourself! :slight_smile: I’m really eager to make some new online friends too.

Thank you in advance xx


1.) if you need someone to talk to I’ll be here! :relieved:
2.) welcome to the community!!!
3.) things that attract me to a story would be a good plot, character development, interesting story line! Also some choices and nice coding!
4.) To publish an episode you need at least 400 lines but I recommend 1,000-2,500 lines maybe? It depends what is included in the episode!!

The amount of lines doesn’t really reflect on how long the episode will be. You could have 1000 lines and 5000 lines that are still the same length. You should record yourself reading it to see how many minutes an episode can be. I prefer 8-10 minutes, but longer reads are cool too.

An interesting plot will definitely attract me, but honestly I can get a bit sucked in into cliches. I need good dialogue though! A thing that will keep me reading is definitely good directing! There’s a bunch of threads on what attracts readers and the opposite, so I suggest reading those!

I love clout so shoutout me! My instagram is minami.epi

Hi! Didn’t expect a response so damn quick!

  1. Thank you so much! Will do!
  2. Thank you ^.^
  3. So would this involve things such as choosing how a character responds, dressing up games and character customisation?
  4. Would you recommend addressing the reader at the beginning of an episode or at the end of one? :slight_smile: xx
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So it depends on what the episode includes. Thank you for the advice!

The plot I was thinking was either a high school romance where the two characters are childhood rivals or a girl runs away after being previously abused and bumps into a man looking to become more popular at school. So he offers his home to her in exchange for pretending to be his girlfriend. Not sure which one you prefer?

Also following you on Instragram now ^.^

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What do you mean by addressing?

And yes it’s would include outfit game, customization (if you want)

Hmmm… I like the childhood rival one! It’s a bit cliche but as a competitive person, I’d still read it!

The second one sounds ok, but if you were to do it, it would have to follow the guidelines! (i.e. the no showing of parental abuse on screen rule.) Make sure not a romanticize abuse or make it a plot device, that’s a common problem I see in some stories. It’s a pretty tough subject to write about and make sure you research it!

some tips on how to write abused characters + abusers

Thanks for the follow though!

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1: devianart is a art side not a writhing side. (even though I have seen some do it) it would properly be better to go a place like wattpad

2: joseph Evans on youtube has tutorials on how to make stories I recommend go look at all of them.

  1. around 1000 lines per chapter. and 5 choices. Though of course its hard to follow that some times you have more sometimes less

4 Dont publish before you are done. know your story and where it going. and please dont be one of the fools who only publish one chapter locking chapter 2

recomand reading this

So I meant like if I want to say something to the writers such as about updating the story, instragram etc. I see a lot of writers make a character of themselves and speak directly to the reader at the end.

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I guess I’ll start with the childhood one then! ^.^ I plan to post teasers on my instragram later on if you wanted to check that out.

For the abuse one, the plan was to make the camera turn away from the characters when it happened so the reader can’t see anything and it was only going to be in the beginning to explain why the character ran away.

Sorry, when you say plot device what exactly did you mean? ^.^’ I am not the smartest tool in the shed. x

Don’ t worry, I plan to upload regularly of 1 episode per week. ^.^ Still debating how long I want to make the story.

Thank you so much for the link and advice, I will make sure to take that into account! x

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Yep! You can do it at the end! And even have a Q&N section

A plot device is an object or character in the story whose purpose is purely to drive the Plot, maintain its flow, or resolve situations within it. It could be something everybody wants to obtain, a device that must be destroyed, or an annoying teenager who must be protected at all costs.

It may also be an object or gadget introduced early in the story for the sole purpose of solving a sticky situation later on.

– TV Tropes

what is you instagram username. and you DevainArt username to get to your stories.


Here on episode, there are ways to promote your story so it gets more reads, just go to r4rs…

also, the tumblr page has some good advice, but if you are white, don’t feel like your not allowed to portray abusive behavior towards black characters (it sounds wrong, but if you read it you’ll understand what im talking about)

People on tumblr are pretty hateful towards cis and white people, idk. but yeah, all of these sources have some really great advice thst i’ll probably use myself in the future

Hi there! I hope all is well with your story so far, when it comes to story’s I always look out for good grammar and punctuation, and if its got a good plot line, you’ve found yourself a new reader!! If you ever need help with coding contact me either here or on instagram @Storiesbysunni
I’d say around 10 minutes worth of coding is great for me! That’s usually how long I spend reading.

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Hi! Welcome to the community!
As mentioned by other people, good grammar is important. Also, a unique plot.
Here’s my Insta if you have any questions or need help. @gabi.episode

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