Need advice for my story!

I’m writing a story that settles in the 1970s in France. I won’t go too deep into the culture or anything as it is a mystery story, but I would like to know what I should and shouldn’t keep in mind of while writing a story in this timezone.

And outfit ideas are also welcome

Thanks in advance :blob_sun:

Don’t really have much advice to give tbh. I guess just make sure you do your research on the language, place, outfits, slang of the time and area, societal structure and views etc and if your story contains anything sensitive, perhaps make the effort to ask around for others’ opinions on those topics or get some sensitivity readers to have a sift through.

If you happen to be making your characters speak French often in the story, I’d also suggest translations that are either in the same bubbles but in a different color or directly afterwards in a narration bubble. This is just because in my personal opinion sometimes readerMessages can be quite distracting if there’s many of them popping up one after the other and easy to mismatch them with what’s happening on screen at the time.

Don’t really know much about mysteries in particular but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to look up points that make a mystery story a good mystery story?

Also - I think it would be cool if you added some sections at the end of your chapters like perhaps a glossary of words that are used in the time with their respective translations or perhaps even some information about the 1970s in France as well!

Anyways, good luck with your story! (:


Thank you for your help!

I do agree to that, I can’t really concentrate between reader messages and the dialogues at the same time too.

Yes that would be really helpful to people who maybe didn’t understand, it didn’t come across my mind earlier but it is a good idea

And thank you again! It’s an entry for the OV contest and I’m not sure if I can make it do the due date but I will definitely publish it as a normal story if I don’t lmao.


what he said^^


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