Need advice, making my story better

Hey! :sparkles:

I’m making a romance high school story and I need advice on how to make it better.

(apologies if my grammar isn’t great, english isn’t my first language.)

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Are you asking for help with the romance storyline? :sweat_smile:

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I like when the LI has chemistry with the MC it makes the relationship more ship-worthy! So if the Li is Aloof and Cold then the mc should be the opposite from that but not try to force the LI to express other emotions. If the LI is sweet then the MC should be like that but at the same time be a bit distant. It all just depends on the storyline and how the MC and LI are! The trope that may be helpful is friends to lovers or stranger to lovers? If that’s what it’s called :slightly_smiling_face:

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I hope that’s helpful

Thank you, I will think about this !! :slight_smile:

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Hey! Here’s a thread I made a few years ago: Writing an Episode story 101 - The key to success

Here are also some other tipps for highschool romance:

  • Great side characters
    Side characters make the other 50% of your story so please put effort into creating them and planning their personalities. Make them have a background story (even if you’re not gonna show/tell it in your story). It’ll be your “blue print” for writing that character.
    Avoid: bland characters with no personality. Most seen in parents, who are only there to kinda control the MC but they’re pretty much at work all the time and don’t add to the plot AT ALL.

    Typical cliche characters: rich kid that’s mean for no reason, token gay POC best friend, cold and mysterious LI, offensively stupid character for comedy purposes, f-boy jock LI with a 50+ body count at 17 y.o. …

  • Original plot
    Users’ favorite :melting_face: : new girl moves to town and runs into the grumpy bad boy that’s secretly already in love with her and protects her from afar from every male person in sight (predatory vibes who??).
    Of course - cliches are called cliches because that’s what most people like to read. But you can always add your own twist to it :hugs:

  • Original title
    Please don’t name your story “Falling For [insert any cliche word]”… Come up with an original one, maybe a pun or something that mirrors the plot? I have a :sunflower: Story Title Shop :sunflower:, you’re welcome to visit :slight_smile:

  • Be realistic
    High schooler don’t have beards :skull: (mostly). Also not every teenager has abs or dresses like a super model. Try to be a little realistic when it comes to high school (or anything actually). Teenagers make stupid decisions, have mood swings, are cringey, act like kids but want to be seen as adults etc.

These are the most important things that come up to me atm :thinking: Good luck with your story! And I hope this helped a little :slight_smile:


Me personally I hate when the LI is a bully to MC, if you happen to go down an enemy to lovers route make sure that LI isn’t just cruel to MC.

I also love a slow burn, not just an “instantly in love” route because I find it less realistic and not at all rewarding when the MC and LI finally come together !


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