Need advice on new story idea!

Hi guys! I need your advice and help on a new mafia style story that I am writing. I have the plot idea, but I would like some help to make sure the idea is something you all will find interesting and where you see this story going. Also, I have some ideas of a title, but need help in deciding. Last, I need help with a description.

Of course, if you would like to be credited, just say “credit me,” and you will be credited in my story.

Here is what I have so far:
Plot idea: A Mafia boss’ son kidnaps their family’s rival’s daughter dur to his eagerness to prove himself. But he never expected the girl to be such a handful, and never expected her to outwit him so many times.

  • MC: Ace Santino
    *LI: Ariana Acosta

  • Location: New York City

  • There is a female lawyer who has her eye on the Mafia boss’ son.

  • Background of the son: forced into the mafia by his father and must quickly learn how to survive in this dangerous world.

  • Sicilian Mafia either called either Blackjack, Bloods

Title name option:

  • Until Her
  • The Kidnapping
  • In The Devil’s Arms
  • Deception of Sin
  • The Black Kiss
  • Untouchable

Genre: Action

Opening scene: Rival gang member gets shot in the head. Only gun and rival gang member are shown. Random person not shown says “It’s time to say goodnight (curse word)” before shooting. Random person shoots. Member falls dead. Scene fades black. Flashback is taken 6 months ago in New York City. Rival daughter kidnapped and thrown in a white cell with bed. Man in black suit and black sunglasses walks in and gives attitude. Rival daughter gets up and gives attitude back.

Any ideas where you see this story going? You can PM me or you can reply here.

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You wanna add more drama/ mystery elements to it?

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Yes. Action, drama, mystery

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Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!