Need advice pleaseee

so im making a story where the mc doesn’t really like the LI because he works for the person that killed someone she loved but they (the mc) end up taking the LI. so in chapter 3 i want something cute to happen with them would it be too ealry to have the MC let out something deep sh*t to the LI since he offered to (with a cute art scene)?

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If the mc doesn’t really like the LI, maybe it could be a heated exchange that turns into a semi-cute scene where the mc is comforted?

For example:
Mc & Li are having a conversation and the Mc is acting pretty apathetic. Then they kinda argue because the Li wants to know why she’s acting in that way and then she kinda blurts it out, they both act surprised, then she ends up getting upset and is comforted by the Li but is too upset to push them away in that moment but eventually does.

This is just a thought, but maybe you’ll get other ideas from it! Happy writing!


yes thats perfect for me to build off of! thanks tay :slight_smile:

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Of course!

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