Need an advanced coder! :) CLOSED

Hey! I’m currently working on an INK story, and although I know the basics and a little more in advanced directing, I’m not exactly the best at it. I would really love it if someone who can really script advanced animation in episode. If you reply and agree, I’ll tell you the story idea. And we can communicate about times and other important details.

The story will include a lot of: overlays, tappables
The story is comedy so the facial expressions at the end of a few animations are important to capture.
If you have read the story “War Dogs” by Kayla Sloans, you would notice a lot of overlays on animations that give the action and comedy effect. I am looking for something like that.

Art skills are NOT necessary AT ALL. If art is needed, I can get it from someone else.
You are more than welcome to help in story plots, if you want.

I am more of a story writer than a coder, so this is why I am looking for someone. But I love Episode, and I would love to contribute a good story to it.
Thank you for reading this! If you are interested, simply reply.

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Hi, I can help you :slight_smile:

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hey! thank you for agreeing to help. do you have an email i can share a google doc with? This way, we’ll be able to communicate about the story.