Need an advanced coder please 😊

Hi guys! I’m really in need of a coder because of how bad I am with that sort of stuff. I try to stay as active as possible, but I do have school so I won’t be on 24/7. I will write the script, and you can hopefully code it and enjoy working with me at the same time! My story is about a girl named Alice and a “foreign exchange student” named Elizabeth. (To find out why I put the foreign exchange student in quotes, well, you’ll have to help me to find out!) It’s an LGBT+ story about how love can overcome all obstacles. I’d love it if you wanted to work with me!

Hey I would totally be interested if you are still looking for a coder :smile:

Yes I’m still interested! In fact, I’m editing my script right now haha. Btw someone else has messaged me about the topic, but haven’t responded to my message yet. So you’re the best choice as of now, as long as you’re willing to start asap!

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Okay, I’m so sorry, but the coder is willing to start right at this minute, which means I don’t have the need for another coder. I am so so so sorry :confused: I hope that I might work with you sometime in the future!

Sont worry I’m sorry i didn’t answer sooner :confounded::grin:

Can you help me with my story. It’s my first time writing one so I don’t know where I need to start really. So I’m hoping you can help me or at least send a screenshot of what it’s supposed to look like please. If you can help me how would I write the script for you to code. I’ve already started writing it but im not sure if that’s right

I can help you. I am currently writing 3 stories. 2 with advanced directing.
I also make covers and splashes.

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So when do you think you’ll be able to start. Is tomorrow good. I still need to finish the script so of you see any errors or if you feel like the story is missing something feel free to add something. I’m ok with cursing as long as it’s not too much. Like I said I’m open to any creative plots just let me know

Ok but maybe in the afternoon. Round 6-7 pm. Since I have school
And homework.

If you’re still open, I’d really appreciate if you could code my story. The person that got the job before you has still gotten absolutely nothing done, so I was forced to look for others. Would you still be willing to do it?


Wonderful! I’ll send you the script through google docs if that’s okay. Also, I think it’s easier for the both of us if I just give you my episode username and password so you can access the story that way. Is that alright with you?

Sorry I don’t have google docs :confused:

Then is it okay if I send you the completed script in an email when I do finish the first episode?

Oh ye ofcourse

I’ll send you my username and passowrd along with the script when it’s done

Thx that’s great! Do you have characters in mind already or should I make up what they look like :smile:

I already created them, so you don’t need to worry about that. Just about everything else haha

Lol great! :grin: