Need an advice about writing a character with ADHD

So I have a character in my story that has ADHD and I don’t really know about it so I’d like to educate myself about it and like would like to hear from people who has this disorder what I shoudn’t write about it and how to portray my character

Thanks in advance :kissing_heart:

Sorry if this is wrong category :sweat_smile:

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oh i have adhd, feel free to pm me any questions you have


thanks and I have question how should person with adhd behave?

People with ADHD don’t behave that differently from other people, although it varies from person to person. They usually have trouble focusing and can’t sit still for long periods of time.

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umm it’s probably different from person to person and seems to look differently for each gender. for me, off my meds, it kind of feels like when you pull an all-nighter (like head is foggy, a bit more clumsy/less-aware of your surroundings, easily startled, forget what im doing mid-action, impulsive/don’t think through the consequences of my actions). im a lot more bubbly and outgoing off my medication, and back in school people thought I was really ditzy. I think the one stereotype that I dislike is that many people think it’s a glorified form of laziness, and that people with adhd don’t pay attention because they’d rather pay attention to something more interesting. for me it wasn’t about interest, it was more of an inability to process extraneous stimuli. for example: i had a really hard time doing homework at school whenever the teacher gave us time at the end of class. it wasn’t because i was distracted by wanting to hang out with my friends, i mean sure hanging out with friends is great, but I also wanted to get my work over with, but I couldn’t. doing anything involving reading/writing/math/etc took a really intense amount of focus, and I had to pretty much lock myself in my room with no other sights and sounds to actually be able to think through the information I was taking in. back in grade school, I used to get in trouble for not doing homework in class/study-hall so I would try and always end up in stress tears because I just couldn’t do it. eventually I learned to just doodle on the page to make it look like I was doing work to keep out of trouble, and just do the work at home when I could focus. driving was also really tough, because you have to be aware of and respond to people from all around you; I ended up getting in lots of car-wrecks when I was off my medication. I’ve embarrassed myself countless times by sending emails with egregious typos that I didn’t realize until after the fact and gotten myself into some pretty sketchy situations like accidentally driving to a really rough neighborhood thinking it was the site for a job interview only to realize that I misspelled the address while walking up and down a street full of boarded up houses and shattered windows. on medication all of those difficulties seem to go away, I can drive normally, read and do work in public, you’d never know I was on medication unless I told you or you saw a difference in my before/after behavior. im a bit more serious, but that’s mostly because I’m less impulsive and think through my comments before I say them


Wow, you typed alot and thanks for telling me

Do you mind if I use something of this in my story? :sweat_smile:

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haha sorry, its hard to explain it fully in one small sentence. and of course

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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