Need an animated intro for my story

Can someone please make an animated intro for my story here are the pictures I have


something like this?

&zoom reset
@overlay TO create
@overlay FIGHT create
@overlay OR create
@overlay LOVE create

@overlay TO shifts to 14 -18
@overlay TO scales to 0.298 0.298
@overlay OR shifts to 20 -217
@overlay OR scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay LOVE shifts to 24 -317
@overlay LOVE scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay FIGHT shifts to 20 -112
@overlay FIGHT scales to 1.000 1.000

@overlay TO opacity 1 in 2
@overlay FIGHT opacity 1 in 2
@overlay OR opacity 1 in 2
@overlay LOVE opacity 1 in 2
@pause for 5


When I entered this in my computer only thw To overlay showed up…

Do you have any error message?
Do you name the overlays the same way?

Do you have uploaded the overlays in same size as you gived me?

Because the TO was much much bigger then the rest ( which is weird) and than because only TO apears it seems you gived me for the rest resized version instead of the original.

It was the background the words didn’t fit in the background

I cant make you the intro when you do not give me the right size of overlays which you use. What you gived me fits 100% the script all is on screen:

what you gived look like only the TO has original size 1920 x 3408

all the rest is much smaller 562 x 1000

@Jeremy can you please close this thred

It’s @Nick now not Jeremy.

Closed: Requested by Op :v: