Need an answer please

So a while ago I read this story about this Rich CEO named Wesley Cooper and a girl named Eleanor, the story was called ‘provocative’. I wanted to go back and re-read it however I can’t find the book anymore. :sob:. Does anyone know what happened to it and if I can still somehow read it.
Thank youuuu

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Omg I remember reading this story so long ago and I loved it, (I think I also remember that Eleanor had an abusive uncle) I had it in my favorites but I cannot find it, there’s lots of stories that say “unavailable” so maybe it’s one of them :pleading_face: :pleading_face: and I don’t remember the author

why do stories become unavailable ?

I haven’t read this story but perhaps this author left the community and just put locks and loops on all their stories. That’s why it’s “unavailable”

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A lot of authors leave and their stories are no longer on app- also some authors take their stories down , especially when it’s being revamped etc.