Need an art cover semi- realist

Hi there !

I want an art cover semi-realistic. Of course, I considerate the fact, it takes hours to do this art.
So I am looking for someone who knows an artist or someone who can do this type of art.
No worries, you will definitely be credit.
And in last case, I can pay but I have a limited budget.

Thank you very much.

There is one picture for what I want. This will let you know guys what’s your offer :wink:

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Depending on what your budget is, my commissions are open :))


Hey! they are both commissioned artists, You can request from them.


Hi there! I do semi realistic commissions, you can check out my Commission thread for more examples.


Price Chart

This needs updated. The bottom part is supposed to be “each extra character is 50% off their own total cost”.

Price estimates are commitment free, and I’m happy to work with your budget, so feel free to pm if you want to discuss further or have any questions :heartbeat:


U may check here everything is for free


Hi there! I am open for commissions :love_letter:
If you’d like to contact me on instagram, it is epii.jessica



Bg Commission

Exclusive Bg through Ko-Fi

Click here


You can check my art shop it is free :relaxed:


My commissions are open at low price,
for more examples and all. check my ig @/tessa_art.28 in insta


This art shop has free art for covers and art scenes. It seems to be the semi-realistic style and their 2 examples are very clean if that makes sense. It’s @Artgirlforever13 's shop


just a quick question: what’s the exact budget?

only bc- the art up there, I believe costed around $850. if that’s alright w u, then u could always wait for Caroline’s commission slots. :tipping_hand_woman:t3:

however, if that’s over ur budget, can to tell me around a fee ur willing to pay, so I can recommend u sum semi realistic artists for u to commission! :white_heart: thx (:


Ok thanks for the information.
I’m kinda new in the art stuff so I don’t really know the prices and far away from me, the willing to rip off people.

It’s beyond my budget x)
Could you tell me about the artists you know ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I know an artist her name is @v.h_episode
she did my profile pic for me.
Here is the profile pic she did for me:

And she does it for free.


Hm, okay… :white_heart:

firstly, Caroline is most likely the most talented & advanced + popular episode artist. Her work takes days so I’d say the price is 100% reasonable, however, I completely understand it being a lot, especially since many get no financial benefits from episode.

But for me to suggest sum artists for u, I need a price range for what ur looking for, for example: “Under $100 for a 2 person knee upwards artwork w an advanced bg” then I’ll recommend a few, thx.

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thx for the tag but my shop and commissions are closed

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I message you, dunno if you receive. Tell me.

Thanks everybody for your responses :heart_eyes:
I found the artist for what I want !

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so if u dont want artist anymore u can ask @Sydney_H to close this

Ok thanks !