Need an Art scene Please Help****

Hey can someone help me with an art scene for this picture I want them to be kissing like they are but I want them to look like they are in love while they kiss if anyone can do this for me I would grately appreciate it

here are my characters by themselves

I Just finished writing chapter 4 for my story A fresh Start LL and want to add one more scene but have it as an art scene I want it just to be a romantic scene with my characters kissing I will credit you as well and will keep any and all watermarks Please just let me know if its something you can do i plan on publishing the next 3 chapters hopefully before the new year
the picture is they are in a club scene and exactly what she is wearing I want included in the picture and the guys is wearing as well
If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask
If you have an instagram or any social media platform i can follow you

so a little tip you need to reply(click the reply button on the persons comment) to a person comment for people to see it, because dont get notifications that you have reply

also yes I can do that. could you please make the request in my forum answering all my qustions I have in it

sorry I’m still learning all the ropes lol thanks for the advice i appreciate it

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How do I do the request in your forum I’m still learning how to work this ??

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just reply. and answaer the qustions list

okay i did it thanks for your help I appreciate it