Need an art scene please

Hello I need an art scene if anyone could help :blush: I would like it drawn or edited which ever one you think will be easier and faster for you to do or if one will come out better idk lol
Could you please help me?
I want it the pose to look like this

Here are my character details

Harlow’s look 

Body shade: rose 03
Eyebrows shape: High Arch Angled
Eyebrow Color: Dark brown
Hair style: Lob Bangs Blunt Color: Brunette Brown
Eye shape: Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye
Eye color: Ice Blue
Face shape: diamond defined contour
Nose: pointed downturned
Lips shape: Full Round Pouty
Lip color:rose matte

Neo’s look

Body shade: Rose 02
Eyebrow shape: round thin
Eyebrow color: Black
Hair style: Tousled Loose Curls Long
Hair Color: Black dark
Eye shape: narrow almond deep smiling
Eye color: Brown light
Face shape: Chiseled square stubble shaved
Nose: Grecian narrow
Lips shape: Medium straight natural
Lip color: pink peach medium gloss
Outfit: Professor green hunter, torn knees jeans black, earring hoop black, sneakers rubber sole black

And background could be a purple party room blurred please so that the viewer only pays attention to the art thank you (:

Outfits :

I haven’t done an art scene in a while but I want to try it again! Can I send you some examples through PM tomorrow? I’ll have a lot of free time soon to do this! :grin:

I also love that pose! I’d love to draw it if you let me!

Hi are you familiar with using limelight characters? I would like to have my limelight characters in this pose. Those are all the examples I have.

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I don’t have a preference when using characters, I can’t chat much now, I can send you some examples I did tomorrow, if that’s okay with you!

Yes that would be Okay (: thank you

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