Need an Art Scene! Preferably Digitally :)


I am in need of an art scene to use in my story. I’ve never had an art scene in my story, and having one be really cool in my story. If you can do this please PM me or DM on Instagram @brianam.stories :slight_smile: I prefer the art scene to be done digitally because it looks better. I hope someone is able to do this for me!

Thank you~




I would recommend:

They are all AMAZING artists!!


omfg, rosey you’re such a queen, thank you


I am honored I was tagged! But art scene is he who shall not be named.


if my art business thingy is back and up again, I will srsly be thanking u


@Briana_M Send me the deets and I’ll see if I can do it?


Awww thanks love




What do you mean?


I meant the details
Like what u want in the art scene


Like, what pose do you want the characters in, what are the character details, etc.:grin:




I can try


I sent you a message on insta <3


@Briana_M this is in the wrong place
art recources should be it


Need someone who can do digital art scenes?


I thought I put this thread in art resources.


Ohh okay. I’ll PM you :slight_smile: