Need an Artist for an ink cover

Hello! i am authoring an ink story . I was searching for a artist who can help me.
Contact me at the earliest

If you want a cover, you need to provide more details. What style (realistic, semi-realistic, cartoon)? How many characters? Commission or free?
If you are looking for realistic or semi-realistic, it will probably cost commission. There are a lot of free ink cover artists you just have to look for them.

Semi realistic or cartoon, free, 2 characters(ml and fl)

Semi realistic will probably cost commission and I haven’t come across a lot of free cartoon artists either. Your best bet is to go through shops and find a free ink artists. Most of the free artists draw in episode style.

sure , i will do that

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Hi there!! This sounds so good, I wish we can work together :raised_hands:t2: Here are my examples:


More examples


I can make you a budget without commitment :grin:
If we decide to work together, I’ll start working on your sketches. If you like them, we’ll proceed with the payment via PayPal :heart:
Depending on the piece, it will take me between 1 and 3 days in total :blush:
Once I’m doing, I’ll check it over with you, make any changes necessary, and send it via email so it doesn’t lose quality.
Please be kind, respectful and don’t ghost :heart: (if you’re not interested, please let me know, there’s no problem! :blush: Just please don’t ghost me, I ain’t doing that to you)
Please understand I’m a college student and won’t be working on your piece or messaging online 24/7 :relaxed: but I’ll be as fast as possible! :ok_woman:
Any more questions, feel free to ask without commitment!!

You can ask anything without commitment, even if you just want to see more examples :sparkles:
I wish I can help you! :heart::heart::heart_eyes: Let me know if you are interested :wink:

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Hey there!
I can do artwork for your ink story. My art will not be free, but it is really cheap and you can get the semi-realistic art that you are looking for.
Contact me here or on my instagram @momo_.episode

We can negotiate the prices. I am open to discussing other forms of payment like instagram follows, story shares and advertising instead of monetary payment.

☁️ Faded Solo Art Shop ☁️ Open - she doesnt do covers though
Marie - Ann’s INK Art Shop *CLOSED*
they all do good int art


Try Marie’s, Tre linked her shop and she did an amazing profile picture for me

Pfp picture

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Hello! I am a broke college student so i may not be able to pay money.If you are interested then contact me

Okay… Do you have instagram?
Let’s discuss over there. DM me @momo_.episode on ig
or write to me at