Need an artist for my new story!

Would someone be interested in making a cover photo for my story and maybe some art scenes?! :slight_smile:
also would be up for doing a lil cameo for you if you are interested in helping out a first time author!

I can do it.
Here are some of my works. Also it might take time since I have 4 orders before you.


Lol a better artist than me already replied but I would be open to making one too as long as it’s not too complex.

What time frame are you looking at? :slight_smile:

I don’t have any covers done yet but here is one of my background.



My edited version:

lol I’m not that good but I’d love to try!

I can post a second one I’ve done too.

Maybe a 2-4 day wait.

But you have to send character in poses.
Author name.
Vackround preference
Any overlays needed.

That’s so good. I started out horrible too.

I love everyone’s work I’d be up for using both of you if you fancy it?

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I wanted to try but in case you don’t get what you want I would try…