Need an artist for scene art and cover art (Drawn)

Hey, I am in need of a Art Companion. Somebody who is amazing with art. Somebody that I can rely on, and go back to multiple times :smile:
I do/will post covers and scene art on my insta and will tag you in it
So my story is called: A Royal Pain
But I have already made an overlay for the cover:

But I do need someone who can make similar art to these examples for the actual cover (I WILL GIVE YOU CREDIT):

My main Character’s name is AADYA
My other man Character’s name is KALMIN

I like the idea of the throne, The girl would need to have platinum blonde hair and very pretty blue eyes, The guy would need black hair

Because you won’t need to add the title you don’t need to add you name on there because there could be a chance that it will get blocked by the overlay (Unless you find a spot to put it in) I will put your insta, or whatever you want to use to get credited in the reader’s message and at the very end.

Please… I need help :heart:

P.S. If I don’t respond on here dm me in my instagram: @Devyn.Episodes
(You can just click on the link to it on my profile)

P.S. P.S. I would love it if I could see some examples :wink:

me and my team can give us a week or 2

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Lovely :blush:
Do you have an instagram I can follow?

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Great! I just followed you :smile:

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hi! If you haven’t gotten your cover yet, I would love to help! :smiley:

can you send the details here

or were you the one that dm us

I do not think I dm you :laughing:
But i will fill out the form

you don’t just commet down bellow

Sister hood said that they could help me, but I would love for more options, and more art for stories, how good are you with scene art?

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okay thank you

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we are not to sound vain pretty good I would say. If you need an art scene you can pm us. But let Sister Hood do the cover

@Epy.sister.hood where do you want me to fill it out :sweat_smile:

Okay, do you have an instagram?

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commet down in the thread

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no but you can contact our co-president, @amani182_episode on instagram


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