Need An Artist Partner


Hi, I’m not on the forums as often anymore so DM me @Epii.Milii if you’re willing.

Hey Everybody! I’m a backgrounds designer on Episode… yada yada yada. I recently started making outlines, but I can’t color them in. I can’t stay in the lines and I cannot shade. If anyone is willing to please DM me! :heart:


@CrazygirldY_dY_dY im not sure if she can but she is great at coloring them (and making them :rofl:)


Wait what

Sorry I get tagged sometimes and I have no idea what it’s for


I can help


I can help!

Go to my Instagram @ms.kate_creates for pretty much my edits


Hey Brooke! Do you have an instagram too? Can everyone just drop their instas? It’ll be easier that way!






I can help it’s chesirekitten10