Need an artist (prefer drawn and free)

Hi! I need an artist who can do art scenes for free and drawn. You will be credited. The art scenes will be 1-2 characters. Please send samples of your work. Thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey you can request from this shop for @/Ivy_a if you’re interested.

Honestly most artist I’ve seen are commissioned.


Thank you hun. I will check them out. You’re right most artists are which is unfair because not everyone can pay for their reasons.

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Yea I feel that. If anything maybe look up some shops and see if they have any free artists that can do your request.

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Do you know any shops with good artists that draw?

Commissioned , ik serval ppl that do really good pieces .

Free artists are basically extinct. @/Ivy_a Can do it but other than that idk rlly anyone else that can do one for free . I can try looking at different shops tomorrow when I wake up and message you if I find any free ones .

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Yeah I’ve seen really good artists that are commissioned but with my son’s school fees and tight budget I can’t afford to pay anyone sadly.

Yes if you can send me some shops that would help me a lot. I can have some options

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