Need an artist to make special art scenes

I’m seriously in need of deep help, I really want to have Special Art in my stories, but I don’t even know the first step of where to even start. The only thing I know how to do is edit, if you’re an artist and you will provide your talent with me for my stories please let me know on my Instagram (@alliyahc.stories):bowing_woman:t4:

I can make cool splashes for you’re story if you’re interested here’s a link to my splash thread:

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I can help! I’ll PM you my art so you can look at it.

Can you PM me some of your work? Thanks!


Hey! I need an artist to make art scenes for my story as well! If you could do it, Can you private message me some of your artwork?


Hey! Can you PM me some of your work as well. Thank you!

Can you PM me some of your work @TheDoodleNoodle? Thanks!

Of course.

Hello! Can you PM some of your art work also :smiley:

Hey @TheDoodleNoodle
Can you PM me some of your artwork?

Hi I saw your post and I was wondering, can you make art covers ?

As is story covers? If so then yes, I do. Along with splashes. I made a topic where you can request something if you’d like.

Hi sorry I just got my laptop back, am I able to send you the details of the cover on here

Okay. give me the details on my cover art topic so it’s easier for me to find.

Same here! Could you PM me your artworks? :smiley:

I will asap

thank you!!

ey guys, I need an artist too, like to make some special art scenes if someone can do it for me, or maybe tell how people do it I’d be soo grateful:)).

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