Need an artist who's active most of the time!

Hey there! So, I’m writing my story and I’ve tried creating some art but I can’t do poses and blending, so I was wondering, does anyone want to be my artist for my story? I’ll give you full credit and link your Instagram (if you’ve got one) in the story :slight_smile:


Episode dimaonds would love to help

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Thanks! Can you send me some examples?

I just send the link

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They’re amazing! Do you have Instagram I can message you on?

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Ok, I’ll message you on there now as it’s easier.

I’m always active!!! Lol except for when I’m sleeping… I would love to help I find you still bed it!!!


~EpisodeStudio Prez

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Great! Do you have Instagram?

Yes I do and so does the group… mine is @Chay_episode_615 and the group is