Need An Edit for a Background ASAP!


I really need an edit of one of Episode’s background ASAP! I plan to release an episode for story by Monday, and I cannot do it without an edit for a particular background that I want to use. If anyone is able to do this, please comment down below!!


send the deatils


Okay. I’ll PM you.


Is there anybody that can edit two of Episode’s backgrounds for me? I need it by tomorrow!


sorry I’m trying to fix it I’m almost done




I really need an edit for two of Episode’s backgrounds! If you are able to do them, please tell me because I need them ASAP!


Raven hood can @aprill is very good


I’m not actually in Raven hood, but I would love to help you @Briana_M. Which backgrounds do you need edited?


Instead of the words “The Philadelphia Times” being on top of buildings, I it to be replaced with the words Luxury Line for both backgrounds.


Here you go! For the second one I just adjusted the levels on the first image to turn it to night, so let me know if you want that changed at all.


I love them, but I kind of wanted the lights to stay on for the night background.


Okay! Here it is, sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you need anything else.


That’s great!! Thank you!