Need an editor! Action, adventure, mystery, romance!

Hey guys, I would like to have a writing partner for my first ever story since my school will be starting in 1 week. However, I probably will not be able to write when school starts cos I’ll be super busy…I’m 18yo, so I’m in tertiary school. My next holiday is in June, and another in September and October (TBC). As you can imagine, it won’t be so often that I can write. Hence I am looking for a committed writing partner who is creative as well as imaginative and passionate about the story! Also, you won’t have to write all the time! Only when you’re free, I repeat only when you’re free! (I mean, if you want to write continually then go ahead XD, not gonna stop you) I’m only hoping for the story in my head to come to life and if you are willing to help me I’ll be more than honoured to work with you!
My story is called The Great Odyssey. It is an adventure, action, mystery type of story. It follows 3 people who are trying to find their parents after their disappearance 15 years back (the parents were kidnap actually). This 3 main characters, will then go around the world (kinda) in search of their parents. That’s the gist of the story. I would really like some help with writing it…
The thing is I won’t be able to share my account with you because I’m using my personal email account. Hence if someone wants to help me write, will it be okay if I give you the characters details etc. then you create on your own account. Then we’ll basically go back and forth copying and pasting the codings via email. So we can take turns editing an episode together…I know its a bit tedious but that’s the only way I can think of without having to share my personal account!
If anyone is willing please do drop me a message on my instagram @reallyshystar or email me at
That’s the only two ways… I don’t really use sns alot! hehehe
Btw, I will definitely give you credits for helping me write the story! It goes without saying :smiley:

Title: The Great Odyssey
Genre: Adventure
Description: Adventure, Action, Mystery…and Romance? Follow this 3 whipper-snappers on their ride of the lifetime to find the key to unlock the secrets and overcome this great odyssey

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I would like to help please

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