Need an editor/proofreader/tester/outfit maker/character maker/storyline creator?


I’m 15 and I live in Australia. if you’re writing a story and need help with any of the jobs in the thread title, you can dm me on here, on ig (@ahan.aa), or email me (

I’d be happy to help provided i receive credit depending on the type of job. I’m active heaps so there is not chance of me abandoning you.

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Hi, I truly need help with proofreading my story. I don’t like silly mistakes and would love it if you would help me. My friends don’t take interest in Episode, so I don’t really have anyone to help me.

Yes I am in deep need of help for my story, STRANDED. Once I finish writing the teaser, I’ll let you take some feedback uwu

Ofc, you can email the link to me whenever you’d like. Along with some background on your story and what you want me to keep an eye out for xx

Hi, that’s completely fine. Just shoot me an email with your story link and what you want me to look out for and I’ll let you know xx


I can definitely help with proof reading your story and testing it for bugs. Just dm me the link to your story and I’ll get back to you with some feedback!

Hi, @ahan.aa. My writing group and I are currently writing a story. We would love for you to join the group.

Hi @jaylen_dwight . Thanks so much for reaching out to me. I’d love to join your writing group. I’ve submitted an application through the google forms!