Need an Editor/Reviewer?

Hi! I’ve been on Episode for a while and I’ve finally reached my breaking point… I want to help writers improve their stories. There have been so many great, unique stories I’ve read on Episode but could be given a boost in quality to truly make the characters, situation, and story stand out. Whether it be missing a fantastic opportunity for the main character to bond with another character or a meaningful interaction that should’ve been emphasized through a few more minutes of directing-- I want to help you make your story as great as you have imagined it.

I do not currently have a story up on Episode-- I’ve always been very hesitant/ become busy and lose interest in the story then forget the entire storyline I had in my head, but I’ve always been eager to continue to fix things or find ways to spice up my work. Feel free to comment or message me.


Hello! This sounds like a coo idea! Can you specify more about what you do exactly?

Mainly just feedback on whatever you’re looking to improve and little things I find that would be worth adding to really pull in the readers more.
For example, I’ve read a story with a great situation where the MC had to escape from this terrible situation with a love interest, but the author only gave the readers a snippet of bland dialogue with the love interest and only one very small scene of how the MC & love interest were escaping from that situation. Not only did this author miss a great opportunity for the two characters to bond through a conversation where the love interest helped the MC in their time of need and desperation (something readers want to read/experience!), the experience of leaving this bad situation could’ve been expanded for the sake of character development.
Basically, I want to help make people’s stories appeal more to readers by providing feedback, I wouldn’t be writing or coding anything, but I’d give advice on how to improve the writing/coding in the story to better the story overall for the readers. I’m pretty realistic as well, so I won’t recommend anything too crazy : )