NEED an episode cover!

Hey guys, so I’m making a story called “His Girl” and I’d love if anyone of you could make me a cover.
Here are the character details:

Skin: Tan

Brow: Seductive Arch

Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Chestnut)

Eyes: Upturned Bold (Blue)

Face: Oval

Nose: Elven

Mouth: Full Round (Taupe)


Skin Tone: Honey

Brows: Medium Sharp

Hair: Cropped Hair (Black)

Eyes: Gentle Almond (White)

Face: Defined Triangle

Nose: Button

Mouth: Uneven

I’d love if Jax was doing flirt_wink_forward
and Cassidy idle_angry_arms_crossed, thanks!

I can make it for you!


I just need to know what (type of) background you want, and if you want the author name on it.

And clothes. sorry for the trouble!

I’d like a school background (hallway) and the author name, (Ayve)

Here’s Cassidy’s style

And here’s Jax’s

Ok thank you! You’ll have it soon.

Thanks! :grin:

Hey, is the cover ready yet? Not trying to be a bother.

It’ll be done soon!

Ok thanks!

Here it is!


Tell me if you want anything changed.