Need an Episode Splash



Is it possible to have the original Episode cover with my characters on it (I hope yes :heart:) ? I want to add it at the end of my story!

Thanks :blush:


I can do it


send the deatails please


What details should I send @linalilly10 ? The characters information?

(It’s the first time I’m doing this :sweat_smile:)


if you can send a screen shot of the character and the pose that make it done faster


Perfect! Give me a few minutes!



That’s good??? @linalilly10


what is the author name and story title


the author name is RJ14 and the story title is “Sandy and her Quadruplets”

And I would like you to add
“To be continued…” :slight_smile:


ok should I make them seprately


Perfect! Thanks again :slight_smile:


Your welcome


I have 5 people making it


can you wait by next thrusday


Yes I will :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!!


when do you need it also what kinda text do you want


As soon as possible but if it takes you a lot of time, I can wait :slight_smile:
Text : Ink Free


we have the first characer edit it was just for fun we will not use it in the cover



Hahahaha you kill it :joy::joy::joy: