Need an Episode Splash




I will send a new cover but it takes a while to work


we have! You’ve stolen art work!


no i will make new edits for u but It takes work time


do you mean you’ll steal new edits for me?


Looking For Open Art Groups you stole it


Can u plz stop? we will sort this out but please be respctful of me and i will 2 u


no I want more of your examples or I’m reporting you…


Stop i already said it takes a lot of time for work. i will send them to you tomorrow ok?


it is early morning and i need time. it will be done by 9pm or the next day


Nah… her art is better


Her art isnt that good :joy:
It isnt cuz its amazinggg and truly much more friggin better


mine ?


Nope, sorry




Well my friend’s art r always better


Demi Lovato would be disappointed if she saw that you are stealing. Puppies too. Please do us all a favor and cut the act. We all know that you are lying. Your account will most likely be suspended soon as well. At least take some responsibility for your actions and learn from them. You could face legal action if those are copyrighted. Please just understand that your actions always have consequences. I’m not going to argue with you but if you keep on lying I will report you. I won’t feel bad about it either.


Yeahhh! I love it :smiley: !!
I would love to change the text to :
To be continued

And I would like the same photo but without the text :blush:


@MadisonW Finally, I would like this splash and you add
« Turn your volume up folks! This story uses sound and music. »
Plus, if he can have headphones, that will be great ! :slight_smile:


Okay! Give me a minute and I’ll get it done :grin: