Need an experienced artist!

Hello, presently I’m writing two stories, one is ink and another is limelight. I need a good skilled artist on a constant basis, to put it mildly - I’m not good with episode art and even at making simple things like covers. Everytime I do some I don’t like it enough to put it in the story.
Well enough about my skills.
Here are some pics of styles that I like (I don’t own these images, all copyrights go to those who made it):

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Though I like those styles in epi edits, it doesn’t mean that I expect the exact same from you. I just wanted to show you the preferable style.
● I promise to respect your schedule, because I myself have a full-time job and now getting second degree;
● Of course I will put credit to you in the stories;
● I can make you in one or both of stories if you want, that’s up to you;
● English is not my native language, so excuse me if I sometimes make mistakes, or can’t express my requirements properly;
● I love the friendly atmosphere in writing groups or duos, so I’m sorry in advance if I will be too nosy, I just can’t work without getting to know you.

I will tell you about those stories in person.
And please if it’s okay with you please pm me some examples of your works, or post them here.

Thank you for your attention.

i am pretty sure if you want that kind quality it need to a commision

You can check out this thread. There are a lot of art threads that have talented artist that will do art for free. The only thing there might be a waiting list. It’s a way you can check out their work and see who best fits what you’re looking for.


If you want it will take a week or two to get to it but you can’t request on out thread if you want me know and I’ll send the link. :blush:

Here is some of the stuff we can do
@Maria.StoryWritter and myself.
45a551fb3c2d8b74e9c1ab988be55505163c08f3_2_305x500 81ef2cabc2aadc29668a7a19e1aff0bf17aafa5c_2_362x499 art%20scene%201 60555e36ca7b66a14dbaf1dfc039f5fece8a02f2_2_500x500 Untitled229 Untitled175 7792faefc19c4311e03bb0575a0d59f3e07be729_2_690x458 5975bcb7869494d5d55c59217a0bdc02360c119f_2_333x500 c7bff95ae79c8df388d1e0a5443088d64137bdce_2_281x500 art%20scene%208 938f412f75ba15bd0e02922fac61032ede866ae1_2_375x500 496858cf6cb82777902d709842aaec31ac709d2e_2_250x500

Sure, thank you :wink:

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Bonitas Art Shop

I don’t know why it did not move the link with it. Sorry.

Any commissioned artwork can’t contain Episode assets - so if the OP wants artwork exactly or very similar to the examples posted, the artist making the work wouldn’t be able to charge for it :slight_smile:


Wow, this is interesting. So if an artist sells artwork that contains backgrounds and clothing from episodes even though they drew it is considered as copyright if they sell it?


I don’t want to say the wrong thing and confuse anyone :joy: I’m not sure if entirely drawing an exact replica counts as copyright? I think the best thing to do would be ask Episode themselves for a more detailed explanation :slight_smile: