Need an Idea Bouncer! 😄



I don’t need a writing partner or anything, but I hope this is in the right section!

I need a friend to tell story ideas to and help come up with a few ideas.

PM me if you wanna :wink:


How about, playing the mean girl/boy? Instead of someone else being the mean person in the story.


That’s not what I meant by Idea Bouncer, but cool idea :smile:


Thanks and sorry…


No, it’s all cool!




Oh also, I’m new, how do you get to the creator portal, so that I can write a story?


I’m all ears! I’ll pm you, tell me any ideas you currently have girl! :wink:


Here :slight_smile:


XD Yassss thank you so much, love


Anytime :slight_smile:


Thanks, you’re kind, I’ll do a shoutout to you in my story! Thanks!


Aww thank youu