Need an instagram buddy


Hey , I am very new to episode and I want episode buddies , anybody interested can direct message me on instagram , I can also help you if you need a proof reader , a creative idea , a twist in your story or just a friend to talk to . Please follow me on instagram. My instagram account is @episode_saasha


Hi! This thread may interest you here, it’s forum members sharing their instagram accounts and following each other :slight_smile:


Hello! My name is Emma… episodeemma on episode. I am new to writing and have just finished writing the script for my first chapter. I would love to send it to someone to see what they think and if they have any advise?

Also how can i create backgrounds that i need that aren’t on episode?

Feel free to message me! I will also check out your story too if you would like me too!!

Thankyou in advance.

My instagram is episodeemma09




You can send me the link of your story or ask for any help you want


I will say you don’t need to creat backrounds amazing creators on instagram like smg.episode pamaleac.stories and all kind of others. (but the two that I listed are my favorite)


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