Need an opinion on my first art

Hey peeps!
I would like to hear your opinion on my first awful art :sweat_smile:
I was a little bored and downloaded Ibis Paint X to draw something. The drawing itself is ugly because it was my first try and I’m not a good artist. It’s more of a hobby.
My another excuse is that drawing on tablet is damn hard :joy:

I was thinking about creating art, e.g. art scenes etc… of course, in the distant future lol
Do you think I have at least a little bit of potential? Should I give it a try and practice more?

Btw I’m thankful for every advice :blush:


Of course you have potential! My art was looking exactly same in the beginning. You just have to practice :slight_smile: it looks good to me

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Thank you :smile: Can you give me any tips I could use while practising art? Some that helped you when you were starting?