Need an opinion on something ✒

Hey guys!

I’m considering writing my first story ever but I need an opinion on something.
The story would be in Fantasy genre with some elements from Adventure, Romance, Comedy and Action, and as far as I know, there is no other fantasy story with the same idea.
Anyway, I want it to be written/directed in male perspective but with no added CC. I want to keep his look as I imagine him, his personality, etc. Besides, he also has an older brother and I don’t want to use CC for both because I think in a story where every single detail has it’s purpose, it’s pointless to add CC. Sorry, that’s just my opinion.
The reader’s role in this story would be more of the MC’s conscience or if you have read some of Rick Riordan’s books, he often makes his characters interact with readers in the form of questions/monologues Of course, I would make it in the form of choices.

I hope my explanation isn’t too confusing :sweat_smile:

What do you think? Here’s a poll but I would also want to hear/see your opinions below.

  • It sounds good, I would give it a try :+1:
  • I don’t think it’s a good idea :woman_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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Thank you!

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Np any time :hugs::yum:

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I would love to read this! Let me know if you end up writing it :smiley:

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Thanks! :smile:

Honestly, I was a bit worried to ask at first but now when I see the poll’s votes, it gives me some hope.

I’ve already started creating characters and plot but probably won’t finish the first three chapters before June. If you’ll be still interested and if I won’t forget lol, could you be my beta reader? :smiley:

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Yes, of course! It would be my honor :smiley:

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Thank you again!

@Jeremy, @Sydney_H please close this thread.


Closed by OP request. :smiley: