Need an Outfit? I can help!

My favorite part of writing Episode is making the outfits! Just fill out the form and I will help you until you find your favorite outfit!

Style (INK or LL):
Type (Personality/Personal Style of Character):
Picture (Character):

Here are some examples; they’re not much, but they’re some of my favorites!


Style (INK or LL): LL
Type (Personality/Personal Style of Character): She’s quiet and shy but she’s really badass. She prefers to dress modestly
Gender: Female
Amount: 5 outfits

I’ll get right on it! So you’d like simple outfits with a self-conscious demeanor?

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Yes please!

Good, because that’s what I made. :blush: I started on these about half an hour ago. Tell me if you need changes or any more! I didn’t know if the glasses were a permanent thing, so I did just add them to all the outfits. I also tried to make the model look somewhat like the picture you sent.

Style (INK or LL): Limelight
Type (Personality/Personal Style of Character): Extremly confident in her body and likes showing things off. But she dresses according to New York’s weather
Gender: female
Amount: 10 ish?
Picture (Character):

Accepted! I’ll get right on it!

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Style: LL
Type: kind, disponible, casual, confident, comfortable.
Gender: female
Amount: 10

Thanks :heart:

  1. sporty
  2. Nightout
  3. Casual
  4. Comfy
  5. Elegant
  6. Pj
  7. Long dress
  8. Nerdy
  9. All light colours
  10. All dark

:point_up_2: these are the kind of outfit I want for each outfit.
Please and thanks!

Thank you! :blush:

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Thanks for the extra information! I’ll get right on those. This request should be done by tonight around 6:00 est.

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Ok, thank you!!!

Mya.writes here are some of your outfits! I put two outfits for summer. Being a New Yorker, I know that it’s never in between hot and cold. :joy: If you want more, I’d be happy to make them!

Here are your outfits! Tell me if you need more or any changes.


Night Out:





Long Dress:


Light Colors:

Dark Colors:

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Wow! They’re beautiful!

Thank you!

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Accepted! I’ll get on it- they should be done by tomorrow.

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Can I request more outfits but for a different character?