Need an Outfit? I can help!

Of course!

Here are your outfits! Let me know if you need edits or any more. Sorry that it was later than said.

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Style (INK or LL): Limelight
Type (Personality/Personal Style of Character): Badass, Confindent, Strong, Revealing.
Gender: female
Amount: 10 ish?
Picture (Character):

Style (INK or LL):LL
Type (Personality/Personal Style of Character):actress in epiwood
Picture (Character):

The middle one

Are you still helping?

Yes, I’ve been backed up a bit with schoolwork. I’m back to working today.

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Accepted! Are there certain types of movies she’s in that I should correspond to?



Style (INK or LL): INK
Type (Personality/Personal Style of Character): Shes 5 years old and she’s very bossy, girly, and happy all the time.
Gender: Girl
Amount: 6 (If can please :slight_smile:
Picture (Character)

Glasses are a must :slight_smile: she has a twin

Style (INK or LL): INK
Type (Personality/Personal Style of Character): He’s 5 years old. Shy, quiet, sweet and loves everyone
Gender: Boy
Amount: ** 6 (if can please)**
Picture (Character):

No problem! I’ll get on it ASAP.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

To everyone with accepted requests: I’ll try to get them all out by the end of next week. I’ll inform you of any delays.


Thank you.

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Here are your outfits, I sincerely apologize for the hiatus.

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Here are your outfits. I apologize for the inconvenience of the hiatus.

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Here are your outfits. Sorry for the time inconvenience.

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Thank you

No problem! Inform me of any problems or if you would like more/different outfits.

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Thank you!!