Need an overlay, come here!

Here’s how this thread works, you say what kind of overlay you want/need and anyone can make it or find one for you. If you found an overlay please credit the person who made it. I can “make” overlays, and by that I mean I can cut something from a picture and turn it into an overlay.:grin:

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Check out:

Hi! I need a blanket overlay!

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Hi, I’m writing a new story and I’m in need of overlays. I tried to make the characters look like zombies but it’s almost impossible! I’m writing the story in Ink. I need some zombie overlays (female + male), some weapon overlays and blood overlays.

Hey!! I want to request somethng if that’s okay…
I need a tan skin girl on a black motorcycle like the one in the sample… :smile:

@clarkies has a linktree with those types of overlays and I believe backgrounds!

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