Need an overlay I can help :)


Need an overlay I can help :heart: Just let me know what you need :blush:


I need a dog overlay


What kind of dog are you after hun any percific colour ?:slight_smile:


I need a white dog with blue eyes


Okay hun give me 5 to 10 mins :kiss:



How’s that hunni :kiss::kiss:


I love it can I get another overlay


Of course hun what do you need :slight_smile:


A desk overlay


What kind of desk are you looking for :slight_smile:




Okay give me a few mins :slight_smile:

Book prop in Ink?


Hows this for you :slight_smile:


I love it thank you


Can I get a gun overlay a bruise overlay a wing overlay and How do I credit you


Could you possible make a duvet overlay?


Hi, could you please make me an overlay, I need an antique book, like an old looking book if you know what I mean?


Of course you can credit me on my insta account episode_author1990 :kiss:


Hey what colour are you wanting :slight_smile:


Hey of course give me 5 to 10 mins :slight_smile: