Need an overlay? I can try to help!

Hey guys! I would love to help you with an overlay! (Please keep in mind I may not be able to, but I can try.) Anywho, I can’t do anything to extreme, but I can help with some simple overlays!

Could u make a lightning overlay for me?

Sure, I can try! Just one single lightning strike?

like 3.
I’m writing a fantasy and it’s caused by a person.
Thank you!

Yeah! Could you give me a reference picture? Like is it suppose to be shooting out of someone’s hand? Or is it like three separate from the sky?

Can u draw this?

Ill try! (:


Do you have any ambulance overlays with the rear facing the screen?

image 9
Hope this works okay!

it’s pretty thank you!

image 14
Does this work?

image 15
Or this (:

yes that is great thank you, Do you possibly have one where it is parked diagonally as well? if you know what I mean

Perfect, Thank you, how may I credit you?

Here it is again facing the other way

You can just tag my instagram at the end @vibetribestories

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Awesome!, Thank you so much, Will give credit :grin:

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