Need An Overlay? I'll help you! (Including Arm Overlays) *CLOSED TO CATCH UP*



Sure! Here you are, tell me if you need anything changed!


Thank you! Oh how is the other overlay going?


I’ll get it to you by this weekend! I’m sorry it is taking me so long but my personal life has been keeping me extremely busy lately. I hope that’s alright!


That’s no problem at all! I know you said you had internet problems just recently. Trust me, I’m in college which is online. I had that happen to me to many times to count.


I need a bed background that matches this. bed please
and a red bed background. both beds with matching covers


With matching blanket overlays I mean


do you have like car seats background that i could use?


Can I have a white duvet overlay please?


Can I request a pillow overlay

Colour: white


Could you make me a toilet and bathroom and sink overlay?
I’m trying to make my own public bathroom background


Hey, will you be able to help me with something im so confused rn but i am wanting to make a scene where there will be guys in a locker room talking about something but id like there to be an open door in the hallway so you can see and hear what they are saying do you have any idea how to make that? c:


do you have any black covers overlays for beds ?


@DeathlyCow I don’t mean to be rude, but kisspng isn’t a safe site to use. I know some of your overlays you give to people are from there, but you shouldn’t use it. First of all, you need to check it’s license. The license specifies what purpose is the image for. Most images from kisspng are personal use licenses, which means it cannot be related to commercial purposes, like selling, distributing or advertising.

Look at the example below:


Is everything going okay? I haven’t seen many post on this page in while.


I was thinking the same? :thinking:


Yeah, I wasn’t sure if to post or not but yeah.


hi when you open again would i be able to request some overlays


Technically it says website and blog use. Since people are using in their stories, wouldn’t that count as personal use because it’s their personal story they are writing? Not picking a fight, just asking.


hey when will you be open


Hey, do you have any hand overlays like this?
I’m in need of a male in Olive (ink).
And female in Light (ink).