Need An Overlay? I'll help you! (Including Arm Overlays) *CLOSED TO CATCH UP*



@shara.stories has overlays like that.


Hi. Do you have an explosion overlay?


Episode is counted as a commercial use because they make off money of the stories. People also get money from the stpries and their using the overlays for a use that is able to give them money. To top of, using overlays from is not safe and you may be sued because of it


Okay and thank you for the information. Good to know but wouldn’t that be if you had the gem questions in your story? Just wanting to know is all.


oh hey I made that polaroid


I’m sorry for disturbing! But can you made Me twist hug tan with light skin And with tattoo! Don’t mind Me! Actually I need that urgent… PNG


Hi!! Can you please create an arm overlay for me??
It’s for a male character in limelight with skin tone Gold 01.

He has to be grabbing a knife at his back, as if he was hidding it.
He’s also waring the Embroidered Vest Tie and Suit Jacket Silk Green …

Thank you very much! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hey could I use this :thinking: I’ll give credit :heart:


hi! can you make me a cover/blanket for this background INT. YOUR BED 2 - DAY
But like only the cover for when the camara is on top of the bed you know? xDD



@DeathlyCow Hi do you have some hand overlays? I want the characters hugging. I have a male with light skin and the regular tattoos. I have a female with tan skin. Also if this isn’t a problem to you it would be awesome to have a male, light skin, and regular tattoos to have his arm wrapped around the female’s neck. If this is a problem then don’t worry about it. I was just wondering how do you make the overlays, because I would like to make my own. (Or at least try to)


I believe @DeathlyCow may have left the forums :woman_shrugging:

She hasn’t responded to anyone since september


Oh, thank you.


Hi. I was wondering if I could have a male (skin tone: LIGHT in INK) only fingers overlay. Like he’s holding something?


@Michele188 and @MealsWrites
If you go to Deathleycow’s profile she has still has access to her drive active. The hand and arm overlays are from shara.stories drive account. You can click the link in the main thread post or go to Deathcow’s profile on here to access the same drive.


Thanks :+1:


No problem!


You are so AMAZING! Any way you could possibly make a man’s hand to overlay on someone’s cheek? Preferable skin tone light but ANYTHING IS AMAZING BECAUSE YOU ARE FANTASTIC! Thank you so much!


Hey I make overlays too… if you are overfilled with request I can help I literally have no request!


Hey can you or @littytrin please make me a scared black cat. It must resemble these :arrow_down:

OR this :arrow_down:

Thanks in advance xx