Need An Overlay? I'll help you! (Including Arm Overlays) *OPEN*



Hello everyone! If you’re looking for an overlay or even something cut out of episode background, then just ask me! I’ll make sure you get it in a relatively fast time period! Just let me know what you need for your story :blush::blush::grin:! I’ll be glad to help out anyone!

ALL OF MY ARM OVERLAYS COME FROM! ALL ARM OVERLAY CREDIT GOES TO HER :smile: The Rest Of The Overlays Come From Me :slight_smile:


Hi! Can you make a dark blue blanket overlay for me?



Hello! I was wondering if you do arm overlays, if you can here are the details:

  • Male
  • Skin Tone: Honey
  • He’s putting his arm around the female character, and they are sitting.


Do you mean something quite like this or something different?


I’ll send you a picture of something like the pose, because it’s a little confusing, but If you can’t do it, that’s fine.


Lol, sorry it’s such a random picture, but I just need the hand part.


Alright! I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Hi! Can you make a white blanket overlay for me please? :slight_smile:




Oof how do you do arm overlays and can I get an arm overlay? xD
I want it like clutched

The character is female with light skin tone


Will do!


I’m so sorry but I was unable to make the overlay :frowning:
I did find a girl on Instagram who has a drive folder full of limb overlay’s that may help you out!
Make sure, if you use one of her overlays, you give credit! I hope I helped in some sort of way.


I was unsure if you wanted a right clutch or a left so I just decided to give you both. This was created by @shara.stories on Insta, so make sure you give credit if you decide to use them :slight_smile:


Ooh those are cool! and okay Ill make sure to credit (: And of course I will use them!


If you want me to make any changes, then just tell me and i’ll redo the overlay :slight_smile:


It’s perfect, thank you!


I am looking for overlays. Thank you so much in advance


It’s totally fine! And of course I will. Thank you for the help!