Need an overlay photoshoped from my customized background

I want to create a reflective wedding aisle, the picture I’ll attach here. Can anyone plz help me to make an overlay out of it? Also modify the background to be appropriate for using the overlay? I tried using GIMP, but it just isn’t my cup of tea


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This is a bit of a difficult edit to do. I would choose a different background for two reasons:

  1. You will need to code in the reflection to make it look good.
  2. The background is blurry.

Best of luck, though, sounds like an amazing idea!

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Yeah, it’s not easy. Let’s see if I can do it. Thank you.

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with what do u want to make the overlay ??

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I will replace the reflective platform with a semi-transparent glass and make its opacity low enough so that the other character placed on the other side can be seen as a reflection.

I mean I’ve a semi-transparent glass but I need to shape it properly using photoshop, maybe. And make it transparent by changing the opacity. Do you think you can help me with that?

Hello, you can use this overlay with fade characters and code its opacity as 0.5 or something so, it can be semi-transparent. (For making fade characters, you need to code the overlay layer bigger than characters.)


&overlay OVERLAYNAME create
&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 0.5 in 0

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Thank you for your help, I guess I’ve explained in a wrong manner what I want.

I want to replace this white portion with a semitransparent glass.

And if you think you wanna help me, Let’s talk over email or insta DM, I’ll explain everything in details. Thank you :blush:

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like this !!

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maybe not the same flooring !

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Yeah, it’s already beautiful. Let me try this if it fits perfectly. Thank you. I’ve a semi transparent glass though, if you wanna try that, i can send it over to you. :heart:

sure !

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Can you please give me your email address? I guess the resolution of the picture will be better and I’ll be able to discuss things in a detail manner.