Need an overlay please

I need a coffee table, please. Just a little one put add to a room thanks. Or a small table. Also would like flowers sitting on it if can.

Not sure if any of these could work for you?

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Thank you so much. How should I credit you?

Awesome :blush:, you can just credit my Instagram
@ cheyara_writes58

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It says they are not in PNG its in something else so I cant use them

There’s a glitch on here atm, keeps changing png to jpeg.
If you have gmail, you can DM me your address and I’ll send it via my drive. Or Instagram them to you.

WHen I save it it says as jpeg. everytime you can try sending to

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Yes, because, like I said, there is a glitch. Sometimes it will alter it for some reason.

Hey, I’ve added your email to the tables folder in my background drive. You can download them as png format from there.

How do I get to your drive?

Check your email. You should have a message with the link in your inbox.

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